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This book is the complete companion to the Walking Code Online Course. Learn the Walking Code System. Learn how to use the core for basic walking, power walking, walking up and down hills, walking upstairs and downstairs and more. Learn the reasons for many of the most common abnormal walking patterns and how they can be corrected. This is the most complete walking analysis book yet put out by Dr. Martin and was completed after the online course so they match lesson by lesson. 

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The Future is in Your Hands

Too many people assume that gradual erosion and decay of the body over time is an inevitable part of life. Given the percentage of people suffering from chronic pain in the joints, you could not be faulted for believing they are right. The truth is, this assumption is wrong. Physical degeneration of the joints is not inevitable, You can choose to keep your joints healthy and functioning over a long lifetime if you choose to become conscious of how to move your body correctly. How you function, when you walk, stand, sit, or do any of your normal daily activities, determines whether or not your joints will stay healthy over the long haul. I believe that knowledge and practice are the keys to proper function and maintenance of healthy joints. You don't need a pill. The best time to learn how to move consciously and correctly is before you start having pain, but I believe that it is never too late. The information is here. The future is in your hands.

 Learn the Secret to More Fluid, More Confident Movement

by learning The Walking Code

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Walking Code Course Comments


"Thank you Sir! I think your teachings are life saving. I am recovering from a stroke and I find them extremely useful. I think they should be part of a semester curriculum in every Physical Therapy School. My gate is almost back to normal thanks to you."


"I have watched all of your videos and let me tell you... you have no idea how much you changed my life for the better. THANK YOU"


"This is a great routine - challenge for me is to keep balance and pelvis level on my weak side. If subscribers haven't already checked it out, my other favourite is "Walking Code Balance and Mobility Routine" by Todd."


"Thank you for your videos! I just discovered you a few weeks ago as I’m realizing my feet are forming bunionettes and bunions due to improper walking technique and over-supination. I always thought I had strong feet and ankles, but when I try your exercises, I’m finding they’re actually weak and shake. I will be adding these daily, thank you!"


"Best walking course I’ve found on the internet!"


"Thank you so much for clarifying all this. I have been trying to figure out how to walk since I got hit by a car in 2005! I have been juggling all this misinformation daily, driving myself nuts trying to walk. This is the clearest instruction I have ever seen online. I am praying that this balances my muscles out, and gets me out of pain. Thank you sir for generously sharing this information"


"Wow, thank you so much, this was very helpful! I've realized which muscles are weak on my body! Now that I know it I hope I can fix my posture little by little"




"Thanks for this video doctor, you're the maximum, I've been asking me about the things I've found on this channel for about 4-6 years. How to walking? , How to up stairs? , How to down stairs? , How to kick correctly a soccer Ball , How to dance? , How to boxing? . I feel that my mind and my body have changed, I feel that I am learning and associating all my movements in coordination to my core, I am an athlete and I feel that I have a lot of strength and power, but my biggest problem is balance and stability, but with all the content I have found on this channel, I feel that my life has changed , every time I have coordination problems, I think about the rotation of my core and already my body responds in a different way, for all this, thank you very much!"


"Your the best out here in all youtube!!!"


"This is one of the best explanation of how to walk properly in a series of videos ; I recommend buying the book: The lift occurs , when the standing leg with wgt shifted the upper core rotates forward and across , the opposite side hip will lift; how does that process work"


"Thank you for posting this content! I had a total hip replacement 1 month ago, and I'm doing extremely well. I just didn't realize that due to the pain in my hip, my walking had become completely dysfunctional. I am learning how to walk properly again, so your efforts are very much appreciated!"



Welcome to The Walking Code, a course that teaches you how to keep your body aligned, move with fluidity, and reduce pain by learning how to function the way your body was designed to function, from your core.  

I created this course because many of my own patients suffer from pain from poor walking technique. I also used to have problems with the way I walked. That's how I know it can be corrected.

The Walking Code Course is part of the Quantum Movement System, which I developed based on a unique analysis of the 8 fundamental energies of Tai Chi which are the basis for all Tai Chi movements. In Tai Chi teaching, these energies are referred to in largely metaphorical terms, but in The Walking Code I have broken them down into easy to understand core movement patterns that anyone can replicate. All of our basic movements when we are standing use these 8 core movement patterns in various combinations. That is "The Code" that you will learn in The Walking Code Course.

In order to provide help to the most people, I have now posted all of the Walking Code Course videos on YouTube for free. I do not want cost to be a barrier to anyone. Subscribing to the course here on this site or Joining as a member on the YouTube channel, can help to support me in continuing to provide high quality content now and in the future. The current cost is 4.99 per month, either here or on YouTube, not much more than a daily coffee from Starbucks.

Before I created this course, there was nowhere to send my patients who had pain from they way they walked. There were no good books, videos, or courses available to help otherwise healthy people fix their walking problems. Since I began creating walking technique videos, they have been viewed by over 150,000 people. This new Walking Code Online Course has been developed over 12 years and is the most comprehensive course available anywhere. In this course you will learn to: 

  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce impact on the feet and the knees
  • Keep your back aligned
  • Recognize and correct common walking mistakes like pitching forward, over-arching the back, and walking with duck feet
  • Move fluidly from your core
  • Learn the proper technique for strolling, exercise walking, walking uphill, downhill, up stairs and down stairs.
  • Practice exercises that will help improve your balance and the way you move.

The course begins with Walking Basics. This section will help you get started quickly to recognize any problems you may have with your walking and start fixing them. The second part of the course is the actual Walking Code. The Walking Code describes the 8 fundamental patterns of core movement and how these fundamental patterns are used to perform most all functional body movements with proper technique, alignment, and minimal joint impact. You will learn posture, basic strolling technique, power walking, how to climb stairs and go down stairs, how to go uphill and downhill, how to turn and stop, and the best way to place the feet when walking. The third part of the course is an examination of the most common abnormal gait patterns that lead to wear and tear on the joints and eventually to pain. We will look at The Duck-Footed Walk Anterior Pelvic Tilt, Posterior Pelvic Tilt, Leaning Forward, The Cross Arm Swing, and others. In the fourth section you will find exercises and tips on how to correct these common walking problems. 

The Walking Code Course is now available for $5. This gives you full access to the course as well as direct personal feedback from Dr. Martin. Each video of the course can be downloaded to your computer so you will have permanent access to the course. If you would like to stay subscribed to the course after the first month, there is a small fee of $5 per month. This will give access to continued streaming of videos in the course as well as feedback from Dr. Martin. 

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to register for The Walking Code Online Course. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 


Current Lessons Include:

Part 1. Walking Basics:

  • My Story: How I got into teaching walking technique 
  • Top 10 Walking Technique Tips
  • Getting Off on the Right Foot

Part 2. The Walking Code

  • Navigating the Course
  • What is the Walking Code
  • Why is there a Code
  • Coordination of Upper and Lower
  • Posture
  • Posture Supplemental Exercises
  • Coordination of Upper and Lower
  • Focus on the Feet
  • Focus on the Feet Supplemental (Heel Strike)
  • Three Elements of the Core
  • Torsional Rotation
  • Concordant Rotation
  • Hip Action
  • Peripheral Actions
  • The Core Techniques
  • The Forward Stroll
  • Forward and Backward Walking Supplemental
  • Power Walking
  • How to Turn
  • How to Turns Supplemental
  • How to Stop
  • Walking Uphill
  • Walking Uphill Supplemental
  • Walking Downhill
  • Walking Downhill Supplemental
  • Walking Up Stairs
  • Walking Down Stairs
  • Walking Down Stairs Supplemental
  • Intention
  • Yin and Yang of the Core Techniques
  • Supplemental Hip Action Part 1 and 2
  • Supplemental: How to Use the Lower Torso
  • Supplemental: How to Use the Upper Torso
  • Core Techniques
    • Set
    • Sink
    • Lift
    • Retreat
    • Push
    • Reach
    • Reach Back
    • Pulse

Part 3: Common Walking Mistakes

  • Intro
  • Common Walking Mistakes
  • Self-Assessment
  • The Duck-Footed Walk
  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Part 4: Correcting Common Walking Mistakes

  • Why do People Walk with Duck Feet
  • Why You Should Avoid Flip-Flops
  • How to Stop the Forward Lean
  • How to Correct Posterior Pelvic Tilt
  • How to Correct Over-Striding
  • Fixing the Cross-Arm Walk
  • Walking Correction Exercises Part 1
  • Walking Correction Exercises Part 2
  • Top 5 Bad Walking Tips
  • Walking Correction Exercises with Core Explanation
  • Walking Correction Exercises with Music

    Core Techniques: 

    The Core Techniques are the foundation of The Walking Code. The Core Techniques describe the 8 patterns of core movement that produce almost all functional body actions when we are standing upright. We normally learn these patterns of core movement through trial and error as we grow up, with out any real conscious understanding of how the core works to control our actions. Tai Chi theory describes 8 fundamental energies that create all Tai  Chi movements. In The Walking Code, I break down those 8 fundamental energies into practical rotations of the core that can be learned easily and then applied to all types of movement, like walking, going up and down stairs, going uphill and downhill, power walking, and much much more. Int The Walking Code Online Course you will learn the 8 Core Techniques and how they are used to create fluid, well-aligned movement with minimum impact on the joints. 

The 8 Core Techniques your will learn:
 Set (Tai Chi-Split): Used when we shift weight in normal walking technique.
 Lift  (Tai Chi-Press): Used in the swing through phase of walking.
 Sink (Tai Chi-Elbow Strike): Used when we turn or when we sit down.
 Retreat (Tai Chi-Roll Back): Used when turning or when walking backward. 
 Push (Tai Chi-Push): Used when walking uphill, up stairs, and down stairs. 
 Reach (Tai Chi-Pluck): Used when walking uphill, downhill, and up stairs.
 Pulse (Tai Chi-Ward Off): Used in running and jumping to propel the body off the ground.
 Reach Back (Tai Chi-Shoulder Strike): Used when walking up stairs.



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How to Walk Down Stairs


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