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The Tai Chi Code

The Tai Chi Code teaches how to use your core in the practice of Tai Chi as well as in everyday life. When we move with fluidity, all movements are guided by the core. This is one of the essential principles of Tai Chi that applies not only to the practice of Tai Chi, but to all movement in general. That is why learning Tai Chi can be so beneficial to overall health. Tai Chi has been found to be the most effective exercise for preventing falls in the elderly, and that is because it teaches how to move the way the body was designed to move.  The Tai Chi Code teaches you how to understand the movement of your core on every level, so you can move consciously, controlled by your mind, not just by body memory. When you truly understand how your body functions, the applications are limitless. 

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Take the first step towards improving the way you feel and the way you function by learning the art of Tai Chi. If you already practice Tai Chi, the Tai Chi Code will deepen your understanding with an in depth analysis that is not available anywhere else. This analysis goes beyond the observation and repetition approach used by most instructors and gets to the root of how to understand the movement of the core.


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