How to Walk Properly

with Dr. Todd Martin



Most people take their ability to walk for granted. It is presumed to be natural and easy, with no thought or instruction required. This couldn't be further from the truth. It may be true that getting from one place to another on two feet is not that difficult, but doing it effectively is not as simple.

What is effective walking?

Effective walking must accomplish more than just moving from one place to another. Effective walking must allow us to do all of the following:

1. Travel at a varying speeds and in any direction required.

2. Navigate different terrains, including uneven ground, uphill and downhill slopes, stairs, ledges, and other obstacles.

3. Control the transfer of weight in order to avoid injury that could be caused by stepping on a hard or sharp object.

4. Maintain constant balance to avoid falls, especially down stairs.

5. Do all of the above without causing premature wear and tear on the joints and connective tissues that can result from misalignment of the spine and other joints.


So many people develop various types of pain because they do not function correctly. As the old adage goes, Form Follows Function, and the most common function we perform every day is walking. When we don't walk correctly, this leads to misalignment of the weight-bearing joints and the spine. The result is abnormal stresses that cause wear and tear, and eventually, pain. 

Walking is very much like dancing. It is a skill. The only main difference is that there is generally no music involved. The ability to walk fluidly takes the same skills as being a good dancer. Learn The Walking Code and you can learn to walk more fluidly, walk with more consciousness, and walk without pain. 

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